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The University of Saskatchewan Huskies qualified 21 athletes to compete at the 2014 CIS Track & Field Championship hosted by the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Leading the charge for the Huskies is fourth-year Taryn Suttie in throws, sprinters Michelle Young and Kenrick Hanna, as well as fifth-year middle distance runner Amanda Banks.

Suttie, who returned to the Huskies and the CIS after two years training with the national team, set a Canada West record in the shot put tossing 15.36-metres. She also holds the CIS record set in 2010-11. Also competing in weight throw, Suttie ranks No. 1 in shot put and second in weight throw.

Hanna and Young made splashes at the Canada West Championship each setting Huskie records in the 60-metre events. Hanna finished with gold in a time of 6.69 breaking the 2010 record held by Olympian Graeme Rinholm, while Young ran the race in 7.57 for silver breaking the 1987 record. Young also won gold in the 60-metre hurdles. Hanna enters the CIS Championship ranked No. 1 in the event, while Young enters the hurdles ranked No. 1 and the 60-metre dash ranked No. 3.

Banks will look to have solid performances in her final CIS Championship. In 2012-13, Banks had to pull out of races due to injury. She will look for success in the 600-metre and 1000-metres.

Also providing CIS Championship experience for the Huskies will be Lauren Taylor (pentathlon), Cole Digel (pentathlon), Nolan Machiskinic (throws) and Davis Guenther (distance)

Saskatchewan enters the CIS Championship ranked No. 4 in the CIS on the women’s side and unranked in men’s.

Complete CIS individual & team rankings:

60m: Khamica Bingham, York (7.23)
300m: Khamica Bingham, York (38.54)
600m: Jenna Westaway, Calgary (1:28.79)
1000m: Jenna Westaway, Calgary (2:39.38)
1500m: Carise Thompson, Guelph (4:23.85)
3000m: Sara Inglis, TWU (9:27.78)
60m Hurdles: Michelle Young, Saskatchewan (8.37)
4x200m: York (1:39.95)
4x400m: Toronto (3:42.79)
4x800m: Toronto (8:53.26)
High Jump: Emma Nuttall, TWU (1.86)
Long Jump: Sabrina Nettey, TWU (6.32)
Triple Jump: Caroline Ehrhardt, Western (12.88)
Pole Vault: Robin Bone, Western (4.15)
Shot Put: Taryn Suttie (16.05)
Weight Throw: Kayla Gallagher, Lethbridge (18.48)
Pentathlon: Rachael McIntosh (4174)
60m: Dontae Richards-Kwok, York (6.63)
300m: Dontae Richards-Kwok, York (33.90)
600m: Mathieu Sturkenboom, Sherbrooke (1:17.95)
1000m: Mohamed Souleiman, Ottawa (2:22.46)
1500m: Ross Proudfoot, Guelph (3:44.08)
3000m: Ross Proudfoot, Guelph (7:57.01)
60m Hurdles: Greg MacNeill, Toronto (7.78)
4x200m: Trinity Western (1:27.28)
4x400m: Windsor (3:17.24)
4x800m: Victoria (7:34.54)
High Jump: Jeremy Eckert, Regina (2.16)
Long Jump: Taylor Stewart, Western (7.43)
Triple Jump: Jordan Bruce, Dalhousie (15.21)
Pole Vault: David McKay, York (4.91)
Shot Put: Umar Khan, York (17.35)
Weight Throw: Marc-Antoine Lafrenaye-Dugas, Sherbrooke (19.60)
Pentathlon: James Turner, Toronto (3768)
CIS TEAM CHAMPIONS (last 10 years)
2012-13 Calgary
2011-12 Windsor
2010-11 Windsor
2009-10 Windsor
2008-09 Windsor
2007-08 Guelph
2006-07 Calgary
2005-06 Windsor
2004-05 Saskatchewan
2003-04 Saskatchewan
2012-13 Guelph
2011-12 Western
2010-11 Windsor
2009-10 Guelph
2008-09 Windsor
2007-08 Guelph
2006-07 Sherbrooke
2005-06 Windsor
2004-05 Saskatchewan
2003-04 Windsor
60m: Geneviève Thibault, Laval, 7.31 (2009)
300m: Adrienne Power, Dalhousie, 37.35 (2005)
600m: Camille Cato, York, 1:27.63 (1984)
1000m: Paula Schnurr, McMaster, 2:42.81 (1988)
1500m: Paula Schnurr, McMaster, 4:16.41 (1988)
3000m: Brenda Shackleton, Victoria, 9:04.88 (1988)
60m Hurdles: Sonia Paquette, Sherbrooke, 8.23 (1997)
High Jump: Tami Lutz, UBC, 1.87 (1986)
Long Jump: Jocelyn Adu-Gyamfi, Toronto, 6.24 (2001)
Triple Jump: Kelly Dinsmore, Windsor, 13.01 (1993)
Pole Vault: Heather Hamilton, York, 4.23 (2010)
Shot Put (4 kg): Taryn Suttie, Saskatchewan, 15.72 (2011)
Weight Throw (9.08 kg): Kate Forbes, Lethbridge, 19.66 (2005)
Pentathlon: Jessica Zelinka, Calgary, 4380 (2007)
4x200m: Toronto, 1:36.53 (2013)
4x400m: Toronto, 3:41.47 (2012)
4x800m: Victoria, 8:41.66 (1988)
60m: Sam Effah, Calgary, 6.57 (2010)
300m: Alexandre Marchand, Sherbrooke, 33.40 (1999)
600m: Byron Goodwin, Manitoba, 1:16.10 (1995)
1000m: Tommy Lecours, Guelph, 2:22.09 (2012)
1500m: Allan Klassen, UBC, 3:46.85 (1990)
3000m: Jeff Schiebler, UBC, 7:59.29 (1996)
60m Hurdles: Mark McKoy, York, 7.83 (1984)
High Jump: Alex Zaliaskas, Toronto, 2.24 (1993)
Long Jump: Christopher Greenway, Ottawa, 7.88 (2010)
Triple Jump: Olivier Huet, Sherbrooke, 15.81 (2013)
Pole Vault: Doug Wood, York, 5.65 (1992)
Shot Put (7.26 kg): Andrew Smith, Saskatchewan, 18.48 (2011)
Weight Throw (15.88 kg): Jim Steacy, Lethbridge, 24.08 (2009)
Pentathlon: Chris Crossley, Saskatchewan, 4126 (2010)
4x200m: Ottawa, 1:25.65 (2012)
4x400m: Calgary, 3:14.12 (2008)
4x800m: Manitoba, 7:29.23 (1995)
2014 CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULE (selected events webcast daily at
Thursday, March 6
14:30   Weight Throw (W) Final
15:00   60m Hurdles (W) Pentathlon
15:15   60m Hurdles (M) Pentathlon
15:45   High Jump (W) Pentathlon
16:00   Long Jump (M) Pentathlon
17:15   Shot Put (M) Pentathlon
18:00   60m (W) Heats
18:10   60m (M) Heats
18:15   Shot Put (W) Pentathlon
18:30   High Jump (M) Pentathlon
19:00   60m (W) Final
19:10   60m (M) Final
19:30   Long Jump (W) Pentathlon
19:30   600m (W) Heats
19:45   600m (M) Heats
20:00   4x200m Relay (W) Heats
20:20   4x200m Relay (M) Heats
20:45   1000m (M) Pentathlon
21:00   800m (W) Pentathlon
Friday, March 7
16:30   Shot Put (W) Final
16:30   60m Hurdles (W) Heats
16:45   60m Hurdles (M) Heats
17:00   Long Jump (M) Final
17:00   Pole Vault (W) Final
17:00   1000m (W) Final
17:10   1000m (M) Final
17:30   60m Hurdles (M) Final
17:40   60m Hurdles (W) Final
17:50   300m (W) Heats
18:05   300m (M) Heats
18:30   3000m (W) Final
18:50   3000m (M) Final
19:00   Weight Throw (M) Final
19:00   High Jump (M) Final
19:00   Long Jump (W) Final
19:40   300m (W) Final
19:50   300m (M) Final
20:00   4x800m Relay (W) Final
20:15   4x800m Relay (M) Final
Saturday, March 8
12:30   Triple Jump (W) Final
12:30   Pole Vault (M) Final
13:15   600m (W) Final
13:30   600m (M) Final
14:15   4x200m Relay (W) Final
14:25   4x200m Relay (M) Final
14:30   High Jump (W) Final
14:45   Triple Jump (M) Final
14:45   Shot Put (M) Final
14:45   1500m (W) Final
15:00   1500m (M) Final
16:00   4x400m Relay (W) Final
16:15   4x400m Relay (M) Final

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